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Amory Chesterton: Flamenco Fusion Artist

By first commencing music having trained over 8h a day within the Spanish Flamenco community, and developing  growing relationships through artist's branding and management, understanding for both the artist’s perspective and business perspective is a natural skill. As an artist himself pioneering the genre of Flamenco fusion and bringing love back to the music industry, Amory values passion, raising the bar effort, and taking risks in order to succeed. 

Amory Chesterton attended his first influencer trip at 17 and has been involved within the industry ever since as a drone pilot. "Today I have flown in over 7 countries, across the US, national parks and cities, and have filmed a myriad of wild animal life.

As a musician, Amory has worked with grammy nominated artists, performed in front of over 2600 seats, received radio airplay for original songs, and has showcased in the US and Europe. In 2018 he opened for the renowned Ana Vidovic at a concert event in Jacksonville, FL. 


    A Flamenco Fusion artist with a mission of reviving Love into the industry’s spotlight. Through the curation of new genres by blending traditional Flamenco sounds with those of Pop, Funk, and Trap, Ámory is adding a new genre onto the musical map while also sparking the fire of love within audience’s hearts. 


    Ámory is an artist who was born off the coast of Africa in the Spanish Canary Islands. Son to Perla Nieves Chesterton and Glenn Everest Chesterton, a passionate couple with heritage of artists and famous writers, music and creativity was respected and admired within the family household. Ámory first commenced his musical passion at a young age; he’d train within Madrid’s Flamenco gypsy community for over 8h a day months at a time. Sharing music with audiences and moving others communicating through the medium of music was his first sight into sound and songwriting. 


    He also connected at a very young age with the two Argentinian twin sisters of Amae Los Cristianos (Laura & Alexandra) whom own a music school, record label, performance and publicity outlet for artists in the Canaries. Here he’d explore a new type of sound, share his passion for keeping a sacred Spanish traditional style relevant, and speak of the gospel of Jesus. 


    Having been born in Spain and raised in the Turks and Caicos Islands and USA, Ámory was acquainted with many different cultures and musical styles throughout his upbringing. With heavy Caribbean influences of Calypso, Reggae and the American Pop market, fusion of sounds and culture blending became of interest early on. Namely, Ámory’s major influences include Sade, Seal, Paco De Lucia, Cameron, MuteMath and Katchafire. His musical vision is to create an experience that allows one to be immersed into a float like state whilst living their journey. Separately, he has also been involved within Flamenco Trap projects for mainstream and modernized music.   


    While living in the Turks and Caicos Islands Ámory would train with the infamous Jay Roberts, son of the renowned MIT Howard Roberts, and his affiliate team members (Brandon). At this time Ámory would work on Caribbean music during the day and focus on Rock, and Metal music at nights. More often than not, he’d be found forgetting to join his Skype classes as he’d be playing guitar on the beach for local tourist girls. 


    Whilst living in Boca Raton and Hollywood Florida Ámory also picked up on Classical guitar and furthered his Flamenco studies in his free time. In the year 2018, he competed in multiple national guitar tournaments and was honored being amongst the top few individuals. He received an invite to compete for Florida’s most advanced Classical guitarist by the FFMC and won 1st place having been the first guitarist ever placed for an Irene Muir award. Shortly after, Ámory connected with the renowned Ana Vidović where he’d perform as her opening act.


    Because of his musical progress and desire to pursue art, Ámory GED’d his final year of high school and flew to LA to start his first album. He’d later film a music video in Colorado skiing while playing the guitar. Within the next year he’d reconnect with his Flamenco mentors in Spain and record label family (AMAE) to work on the album. Upon meeting the managerial mentor Mams Taylor of Proper Loud (formerly Premier League) who saw the vision of Flamenco Trap, he introduced the young artist to Grammy Nominated Rico Love where they’d write their first song together. 


    Since then, Ámory has taken his music to publications in Spain, was invited by the dean of Berklee College of Music and world touring guitar director Freddie Brian to attend, and has continued to connect with Grammy nominated artists worldwide. 


With a mission of bringing love back to the music industry, he hopes to connect the world with the sense of true God given love. 

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